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Kern - Youngblood

President's Message



Welcome to the official website of the California State Sheriff’s Association (CSSA). The CSSA is comprised of the 58 elected Sheriffs of California, our CSSA Headquarters staff, Legislative team, Legal Counsel, the CSSA Foundation and our Corporate 100 Partners. Collectively we support the role of the Sheriff as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in each of the 58 counties and speak as a collective voice statewide on matters of public safety.


Our website provides information on all aspects of the role of Sheriff and provides you, our visitor’s, with the latest information on significant legislative, legal and training issues that impact our communities and those professional men and women who serve to protect you every day.


We also provide information for those of you seeking a career in law enforcement and those that wish to support our ongoing efforts through membership in the CSSA, by becoming a Corporate 100 sponsor, or by making donations through our tax deductible CSSA Foundation.


Thank you for visiting our website, I know you will find it worthwhile.


Sheriff Donny Youngblood, Kern County and CSSA President 2016 - 2017