Statement on the Death of George Floyd



The California State Sheriffs’ Association expresses our deep sadness and anger concerning the actions that took the life of George Floyd. Our condolences go out to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends for their great loss. There is, simply put, no explanation for the behavior of the officers seen in that video.


People have a right to feel angry and let their voices be heard.  Law enforcement personnel across California spend much of their career training on safe policies and procedures to protect and serve the public.  There is nothing in the actions of the Minneapolis police officers in that video that is consistent with that training.


As law enforcement, we always strive to maintain the trust of our communities.  The actions of those officers erode that trust. 


People are rightly justified in their desire to peacefully protest and express their worries and fears.  As Americans, we have a long tradition of protest and standing up to unjust actions.  We respect and cherish the right to protest and be heard, however, the message can get lost when violence, vandalism, and looting erupts.


We stand ready to work closely with everyone to advance mutually agreed-upon protocols and responses.  Participating in discussions and ensuring your concerns will be heard are priorities for us.

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