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Guardian RFID

 GUARDIAN RFID is a technology company whose mission is to deliver sustained operational dominance, enable decisive action, and support the care, custody and control mission-set of America’s Warriors, the 480,000 correctional officers protecting our nation’s jails and prisons. While continually asked to take on more responsibilities with less tools, Corrections Officers are often put in the unwinnable position of not only protecting themselves but also keeping a record of everything happening within the Jail. Guardian RFID helps officers by digitally transforming the jail with tools that log hundreds of daily activities, in real-time, increasing efficiency, transparency, and accountability to provide a safer environment within the Jail. Unlike standard tracking devices, Guardian RFID logs vital information for the officer and organizes it into useful reports that are used for training, compliance, and accreditation, offering peace of mind for the Jail.

Guardian RFID

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