Mission Statement  

To support the role of sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer in each California County and to speak as a collective voice on matters of public safety.

About CSSA  

California State Sheriffs' Association (CSSA) is a nonprofit professional organization comprised of the 58 sheriffs along with thousands of law-abiding citizens throughout the state. The association was formed in 1894 for the purpose of giving California sheriffs a single effective voice. It was also formed for the purpose of sharing information and providing assistance to sheriffs and departmental personnel, thus enabling them to improve the delivery of law enforcement services to the citizens of this State.  

Every sheriff works diligently with fellow sheriffs through CSSA to improve the profession and to elevate the law enforcement system through cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. As the sheriffs are Constitutionally elected officials, the California legislature regulates their duties and responsibilities. The sheriffs serve as upholders for your public safety needs. CSSA functions as a legislative watchdog for the county sheriff and sheriff's personnel as well as for citizens on professional and law enforcement issues.  

California sheriffs and the California State Sheriffs' Association have established the following goals:  

  • Updating knowledge of modern law enforcement science and technology, and providing this educational training to sheriffs' personnel. 
  • Developing and maintaining programs, policies and procedures that will enhance public confidence in the sheriff's criminal detection, prevention and apprehension capabilities. 
  • Reinforcing relationships at the state level with the governor, attorney general, state legislature and other state officials as to the needs, requirements, resources and duties to enable the sheriffs to provide effective and efficient law enforcement in their counties. 
  • Jointly addressing the unique problems of all California sheriffs and resolving the challenges collectively through the association and periodic meetings of all sheriffs. 
  • Maintaining the role of sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer in the county. 

To further enhance the strength of the sheriffs' voices, the Associate Membership Program was authorized in 1984. This program permits interested law-abiding citizens the opportunity to become associate members of California State Sheriffs' Association.