President's message

Welcome to the official website of the California State Sheriffs’ Association (CSSA).


CSSA was established in 1894 to support the role of sheriff as the chief law enforcement officer in each county and speak as a collective voice on public safety matters.  California has changed significantly over the last 130 years, but CSSA’s commitment to protecting our local communities has not wavered.


This commitment includes advocating for state laws and policy to hold criminals accountable, support the rights of victims, and invest in California’s public safety infrastructure.  As an association we also work to strengthen the law enforcement profession by sharing best practices, partnering on the use of emerging technologies, and supporting one another in times of local emergencies.


While the work sheriffs do is critical, we know our success is dependent upon the support of the public who have elected us.  Each sheriff is mindful of this fact and understands that doing our job requires partnership between law enforcement and the residents we serve.  Therefore, as much as CSSA is an organization of sheriffs, it is also an organization for members of the public who care about their community’s safety.


Thank you for visiting this website to learn more about the California State Sheriffs’ Association.  We appreciate your commitment to our shared public safety mission.




Sheriff Don Barnes, Orange County
CSSA President 2024-2025