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West Advanced Technologies, Inc.

 Beagle is a criminal investigations analytical software, that combines data from your data sources across criminal justice systems to provide a comprehensive view of both real-time and historical data for officers at their fingertips by consolidating, cleanses, & verifying criminal data from multiple data sources including RMS, JMS, warrants, and CalPhotos, assisting the Investigators & Patrolling officers in providing accurate information. Value-added features like Tattoo Search, Facial Recognition, Network Analysis, and Crime Trends, significantly play a role in improving officers and civilian safety. BEAGLE is currently used by over 100 law enforcement agencies as part of ARIES (Automated Regional Information Exchange System), - One of the largest criminal justice information systems in Northern California, across Contra Costa County Sheriff, Alameda County Sheriff, Solano Sheriff, and San Joaquin County Sheriff.

West Advanced Technologies, Inc.

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